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Tachiyomi is an open-source manga reading app. It enables customers to view manga on their mobile devices from more than one resource, such as manga aggregators. Tachiyomi APK is an incredible app for manga fans.


The Tachiyomi App also has features like the ability to personalize the analysis experience. As well as adjusting the font size and analyzing course customization. And also downloading manga for offline analysis. Also, you can configure basic instructions like tapping to display pages or selecting to use page sizing to move the complete display from Tachiyomi`s settings area. Even the color of the background can be changed. Look through different categories and quickly remove the cache from your settings bar.

Details about the Tachiyomi App

Tachiyomi does not have any content of its own. But instead offers a wide range of extensions for download. These extensions are designed to scrape content from numerous manga websites. One such example is the MangaDex extension, which extracts content from the MangaDex website. These extensions search content from various manga sites, such as MangaDex, to provide users with a diverse range of reading options. With Tachiyomi, manga lovers can access their favorite titles and discover new ones. All in one convenient app, known as Tachiyomi APK.

Features of the Tachiyomi APK


Tachiyomi is a well-known manga and comic reader app. It is not an APK app but rather an open-source application that can be obtained as an APK file, just like extensions. Significantly designed for Android devices, Tachiyomi stands out among manga and comics. Due to its remarkable flexibility and comprehensive range of features. Tachiyomi contains key components and remarkable features, as follows:

Manga in Different Languages:

Tachiyomi boasts an extensive collection of over 600 extensions in the English language. its determination to provide a vast range of options and choices for users. This amazing program provides an impressive number of extensions for 19 other languages. Like English, Spanish, French, Italian, Hindi, and many more. Tachiyomi APK provides a wide selection of languages for readers from different locations. Readers can enjoy a smooth and engaging reading experience. They also customized this according to their tastes. Along with a large number of language options.

Open Source:

Tachiyomi App is open-source software. It means that the Tachiyomi APK is regularly updated and available for free. It is freely available on their devices. Tachiyomi allows for a collaborative approach to its development and improvement. Individuals from various backgrounds can actively contribute to its progress. Tachiyomi promotes a community-driven approach in which developers add new features. Also, it improves the application’s performance and functionality.

Tracking and Library Management:

The application offers a comprehensive tracking and library management system. Allowing users to monitor their manga reading progress effortlessly. To make sure readers do not miss out on the latest material, users are immediately informed. when there are any changes or the latest chapters. By keeping track of their reading habits, users can manage their library. Which improves their reading experience. This feature improves the reading habits of readers. And encourage them to read more. Also, improve their learning process.

No Ads:

Tachiyomi offers a clean and uninterrupted reading experience as it is an open-source project that does not incorporate any advertisements. This means that users can enjoy their favorite manga without any distractions or interruptions. The absence of ads ensures that the app functions properly and smoothly and offers a flawless reading experience. Tachiyomi`s APK is committed to providing a user-friendly and ad-free platform to its users. This APK app is affordable for all types of manga readers. They can read manga without any disturbance. There’s no advertising, so readers can easily enjoy their reading.

Offline Reading:

Tachiyomi offers the convenient feature of offline reading, enabling users to download manga chapters and access them without requiring an internet connection. This functionality proves particularly beneficial for individuals. Who prefer to enjoy their reading experience without the need for an active internet connection. By allowing users to download manga chapters, Tachiyomi ensures that readers can access their favorite content anytime and anywhere. Even in situations where internet connectivity may be limited or unavailable. This feature caters to the needs of manga enthusiasts who value the flexibility and convenience of offline reading. It enhances their overall reading experience.

Catalog Browsing:

Users can explore manga catalogs, conduct searches for particular titles, and apply filters based on genre as well as the status of the manga, among other options. Additionally, the application offers personalized recommendations by taking into account the user’s reading history. To enhance convenience, users can bookmark their preferred manga series, chapters, and pages, ensuring effortless access to their desired content.

Extensions and Plugins:

The application offers support for extensions and plugins. Which can enhance the manga source setting and introduce a wider range of features. These extensions and plugins serve as valuable tools that enhance the app’s functionality. This feature of Tanchiyomi’s APK allows users to customize their manga reading experience and access additional features that enrich their overall usage. By incorporating these extensions and plugins, users can expand the capabilities of the app. And customize it to their specific preferences, ensuring a more personalized and enhanced manga reading experience.

How to Download and Install the Tachiyomi App

To access the Tachiyomi App app for Android devices for manga content, users can directly download it from an unknown source. Customers download The Tachiyomi APK from an unknown source Click on the download link/button to start downloading the APK.

Follow These Simple Steps After Download

Enable the Unknown Source:

Go to the settings on your Android phone. Choose the security and privacy policy option and find the Unknown Source option under this menu. If you approve the installation from a source, then Play Store; just click on it. You can easily enable the “unknown source” and begin downloading.

Download the Tachiyomi APK:

To access the Tachiyomi APK on your Android device, begin by launching your web browser.

Proceed to a reliable and secure platform from which you can download the App.

In the search bar, type Tachiyomi APK and open the website. Once you find the website, click on the download option and start the download process.

Make sure that the app is stored on your device. You can install it later, according to your convenience.

Install the Tachiyomi APK:

Select the download option and launch the installation process to start. A notification window requesting permission to install the application.

Once confirmed, proceed with the installation. Once the installation is completed, you can access the Tachiyomi app either from your app drawer or home screen.

Upon launching the Tachiyomi app for the first time, you will be required to configure your manga sources. This app offers support for multiple sources, allowing you to add your preferred sources from within the app.

Customers also use the Tachiyomi on their PCs with the help of an emulator. With the help of the emulator, customers use this app.

Adding series to your library:

Make sure that the required extension is installed before adding a series to your library. Next, choose the source you want to explore, read, and search for. Click on the desired series and add it to your YouTube library.

Tachiyomi FAQ`s

Can I read light novels?

Tachiyomi APK, being primarily an image parser, lacks the capability to read light novels due to its inherent design. As an image parser, it is focused on extracting and processing visual content rather than textual information.

Can I stream anime?

Tachiyomi APK, a renowned application, is not specifically intended for streaming anime content. It primarily serves as a manga reader, offering a comprehensive collection of manga titles for users to enjoy.

Is Tachiyomi APK available for iOS?

There are currently no versions available for iOS.

Is Tachiyomi APK safe?

Tachiyomi APK, an app that ensures the utmost safety, exhibits no signs of any potential threats, according to the VirusTotal reports of its APK. Moreover, this app is not only secure but also transparent, as it is open-source, allowing users to scrutinize its code on its dedicated GitHub page.


Tachiyomi APK is a highly acclaimed application that significantly improves the manga reading experience on various devices. With its extensive collection, encompassing manga from Kissmanga, Mangafo, and other platforms, users can effortlessly discover and indulge in their preferred manga titles. With Tachiyomi, manga enthusiasts can now enjoy a vast collection of manga titles on their Android smartphones. The app offers a diverse range of both classic and contemporary manga, providing users with a comprehensive reading experience.